26 awesome pictures of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 at the north of today’s Bangkok. By the year 1700 it was a flourishing and […]

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Best paella in Shanghai

Shanghai has some good Spanish restaurants that include paella in their menu. Arguably the best paella in Shanghai is served […]

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What to do in Huangshan city

Huangshan city (Tunxi) in Anhui Province in China. It’s a town of minor interest but it makes a good base […]

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Best hiking in China: Huangshan mountain ultimate guide

I recently been traveling at Huangshan mountain (Anhui province). Huangshan has been the star and the highlight of my 10-day […]

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Wuzhen-water-town guide

Wuzhen water town. 40 amazing photos

Wuzhen is the perfect side-trip from Hangzhou or Shanghai, not too far from these cities. I visited Wuzhen from Hangzhou […]

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West lake, the best park in China

Hangzhou West lake is to China, what New York’s Central park is to the USA. The most iconic park of […]

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